ACT’s Coaching Philosophy

“Name it, Claim it, ACT upon it!”

Discover your truth, be transparent, and act upon the transformation embracing the process!

“He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise.” – Lao Tse

It all starts with you; not the other person, not the situation, you with the other person and you in the situation. Willingness, discovery and action are the keys to success with ACT. Coaching with Francine utilizing her coaching philosophy positions you to reach your goals by challenging you to:

  • Face your current truth about who and how you hold yourself back,
  • Be able to be transparent by naming and claiming it and,
  • Transform yourself to your higher potential.

Basically, take off the blinders, recognize and stop the excuses to take action! Francine is about boundaries and betterment, from the boundaries in sand to the boundaries in cement. Bettering your understanding of when and where each type of boundary is needed. Otherwise you end up looking and functioning like this …


                                                                             AKA: Face Plant Functioning

Francine’s life purpose is to be a role model for living her truth, doing it transparently while giving others permission to be and do the very same thing. And always with humor, we are funny human beings. That is Francine in the picture. She understands the challenge of being a:

  • Business Leader; when to do it, when to delegate it and when to ditch it.
  • Professional Helper; how quickly your time and energy goes to & for your clients.
  • Wonder Woman; career, various roles, volunteer, helper, giver, do it all and look great!
  • Juggling all three; triple impact!

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“Francine was able to help me understand myself and to help me get out of my own way. She was instrumental in helping me to assess and understand various obstacles or problems facing me. Then walking me through a process where I was able to successfully resolve those obstacles or problems. Francine can be very direct and tell us things we do not want to hear, but her motivation is to move us forward in the best way possible. My only regret, is that I did not start with her sooner.”


Vice President, Banking Industry


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