ACTion Trainings

Create a coaching culture!

Decrease discipline, increase performance.

 Leadership Coaching: Explore, Empower, Enhance

(includes portions of The Coaching Clinic®)

This training effectively trains (dyadic and experiential) individuals in the skills necessary for coaching within an organization. It is a fully developed model, which managers, leaders and coaches can implement immediately in their organization to:

  • Promote innovation and accelerate results.
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable organizational members.
  • Improve organizational communication and team effectiveness.
  • Deepen commitment to personal, professional, and organizational goals.
  • The Leader Coach Training challenges participants to raise their standards for their own skills and competencies which in turn elevates, bring out hidden potential and skills of others.
  • Structured Training & Workshops Offered Regularly, for the next event click here.
  • For a one page brochure, Leadership Coaching training.
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“This was the most helpful and useful continuing education and professional development events I have attended in more than a decade!”
– Carol McDonald, Synod of Lincoln Trails, Presbyterian Church (USA)

“The Coaching Clinic provides a challenging and insightful framework in which to sharpen the skills you need to increase the productivity and satisfaction of employees.”
– Roger Schmelzer, President & CEO NCIGF

“Coaching has changed my perspective on managing. It has simply made it more enjoyable and effective.”
– Jeremy Villarreal, Sales Leader, IKON Office Solutions


The WHO of YOU!

 Building Your Resilient Life: One Block at a Time 

You have read the books, now how do you actually achieve what you want?
Where do you even start? And what is your real power?

Build a life of achievement and significance one block at a time on a solid foundation of faith, hope, and love reinforced with a rod of truth running through the middle.

Actively build your base and stack your blocks being truthful to who you really are at your core, ACTing on it authentically making your life resilient.

What you will do:

  • Understand how it works together,
  • Recognize a solid foundation is necessary for achievement,
  • Begin to identify each block and its power,
  • Be able to revise and use this tool as you evolve over time.

Check the event page for the next in person or tele-class series.

“Have you ever felt that all the management gurus, self-help books, and motivational speakers are basically saying the same things? I did and started getting cynical when the next one was introduced to me. Envision a new course of action that encompasses everything else you have ever learned and breaks it down to two things; yourself and Francine’s guidance.

At the end of the day your personal and professional growth are the culmination of how you interpret and respond to life’s daily events. Oh yeah, those little voices and gremlins in your head do play a part and until Francine they usually aren’t that helpful. I am becoming and will become something “better” because of Francine, but it takes a very active and introspective approach. Mentally, I can feel myself progressing as a manager, father, friend, and spouse.

Francine listens, nods, and comments, but what she does best is challenge how you think. I can’t recommend Francine’s program enough, but you have to make sure that YOU are ready and committed. It will be a waste of time if you are not committed, for both you and Francine. By the way, Francine doesn’t waste time, and will let you know if you are.”


Vice President, Banking Industry